game (gam) noun
1. An activity providing entertainment or amusement; a pastime
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Traditional Games

Role Playing Games








Games are a window into the inner person. A person you would call controlled will lose their head in the moment of a game. A quiet, reserved person will yell and laugh the loudest in the midst of strangers. All this occurs while playing a friendly game around the dining room table. We play games for different reasons at different stages of our lives. A young child plays a game to develop skills; whether mental, physical, or social. An older child and young teens play games to test their abilities as well as the further development of skills. Some say an adult plays games to practice the skills they developed as a child. I think adults play games to keep the inner child happy; and alive. Whether you are interested in  Traditional Games, Role Playing Games (RPG), or Puzzles you should find something here to interest you and your Game Playing friends.

Traditional Games are the board games and box games from the last century. Here you will find some suggestions on games you may never heard of or just forgot existed.

Role Playing Games or RPG's is the name given to a group of book, paper, and pencil games. These games are played by a group of people, Players, and one person, the Game Master, to describe the game. RPG's have gotten some bad press in the past, but they are just the backyard game of Cowboys and Indians grown up and brought inside. Here you will find Links and information support mostly Fantasy Role Playing Games.

Puzzles are games, in the sense they make you think. Whether it is a Rubic's Cube that you do while waiting for someone or the Crossword Puzzle from the Sunday Newspaper, a puzzle will challenge your patience and intellect. Jigsaw Puzzles are another type of puzzle that is also a great family game. Everybody can help from finding the border pieces to putting together a small section of related pieces. It is one of those activities that the only loser is the inanimate puzzle, when it is defeated upon completion.


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