It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and that writers paint pictures with their words. Somewhere between the two of these are Graphic Novels; known to most of us as the Comic Book.

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I use the term Graphic Novel loosely. I feel anything that tells a continuous tale with numerous drawings that are intrinsic to the story constitutes a Graphic Novel. Some people call these presentations Comic Books, but there is a difference in the ones presented here. They do contain cartoon art, but the story is still paramount. Great artwork with a mediocre story is a mediocre Comic Book. A great story with mediocre artwork is still a great Graphic Novel.

The movies Unbreakable, Men in Black, and the Matrix all owe their origins to Comic Books. Even though this media has crept into popular culture, the industry has seen a decline over the past several years. The Newspaper industry has slowly shrunk the size of the Comics that make it into their pages to allow them to make more money. This has led many people to forget the large squares of the comics from not so many years ago. These larger squares along with whole pages all in vibrant color (or fine pen art) can still be found in the Comic Books of today.

The industry has not helped itself. There are few Comic Book titles that are appropriate for the younger readers, as well as the early teens. The stories and graphics are wonderful in many comics, but many parents would not let their children read some of the most popular titles. The Disney Comics, Looney Tunes, and some titles like Scooby Doo are still popular; but, as one 11 year old reader told me he wanted something with more action. At that age, my favorites were Sergeant York and a mystery comic that name eludes me to this day. I also read Richie Rich and Fantastic Four, but as my tastes matured there were comics that I could read. I went away from comics a few years later, as the opposite sex became more appealing than reading the next installment of a crime fighter; but, the Comics with all of the selection of new titles drew me back after several years.

Here you will find information about some of my Favorites and Links to Sites that are dedicated to some of these graphic works. Be warned that many of these Comics have mature themes throughout their stories and the Sites that they link to may not be to everyone's tolerance. I hope that you will take the time to discover a local Comic Book Store in your area and maybe you will find something to your taste and discover or rediscover the joys of Comic Books.

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