They are ill discoverers that think there is no land when they see nothing but sea.

Francis Bacon (15611626), Philosopher The Advancement of Learning, bk. 2, ch. 7, sct. 5 (1605).











What is CC?

ProFantasy Software's Campaign Cartographer Pro (CC Pro) is the most recent release of a hobbyists CAD based Mapping Program. CC Pro is based on CAD Engine used in an architecture CAD program.

Once you own the main mapping program of CC Pro, you can buy several specialized Add-on Packages. The currently available titles are Dungeon Designer 2 (DD2) for drawing Floor Plans, City Designer 2 (CD2) for drawing towns and cities, Dioramas (CDD) used for creating 3D Models, Character Artist (CA) for making tokens and simple drawings to represent characters in a game, and the most recent release, Perspectives Pro for drawing Perspective view floor plans simulating 3D. ProFantasy also offers Symbol Set 1 (SS1): Fantasy Overland Symbols, Symbol Set 2 (SS2): Fantasy Floor Plan Symbols, and Symbol Set 3 (SS3): Modern Mapping Symbols.

There are two stand alone products. The first is Fractal Terrains (FT). This software is designed to generate contoured land and sea floors of whole worlds along with limited terrain, temperature, and rainfall data. The generated maps can be sent to CC for additional modifications, such as adding Symbols to represent the location of Cities, Forests, roads, rivers, and other various map features. The second stand alone product is World War II Atlas. This program includes printable maps from the beginning to the end, from Western Europe to the Far East from the conflicts of WWII. This program also includes some bonus Commands for CC Pro users, though it is a stand alone product and CC Pro is not needed to use the Atlas. CC Pro users can edit and modify the maps or create new ones based upon the maps contained in the program.


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