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Symbol Challenges of the Past

Results of Symbol ChallengesTM.
SC1 2001 (no Symbol SavantTM was declared)
SC2 2002 Symbol SavantTM Allyn Bowker
SC3 2003 Symbol SavantTM William Craig
SC4 2004 Symbol SavantTM John Simpson
SC5 2005 Symbol SavantTM Larry Fries
Sage Symbol SavantTM A Special Award for years of Contributions awarded to Linda Kekumu.

The Symbol ChallengeTM was a project I started shortly after the events of September 11th, 2001. There was so much dissension that I decided to promote something that hopefully showed what could be done if we worked together. The CC2 Mail List became my forum, since I knew that people from many countries and backgrounds were represented on the List. The projection was for two dozen contributors, though there was the hope for more. The end result was closer to six dozen, with well over 100 symbols as well as several catalogs of variant cloned symbols of ProFantasy Symbols. I did not pick a best Symbol, though I had several that were my favorites.
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The Second Symbol ChallengeTM, SC2, was planned a little better and kicked off in September of 2002. The outcome was even more dramatic. The number of Contributors was a few more, but the number of Symbols were over ten times as many. The majority of the Symbols were from one contributor for some amazing CA Symbols of jewelry and other details. These sets included all the racial variants for both sexes. Among all the symbols the choice of the best had to be made this time. The field was narrowed down to the jewelry mentioned above, a few different sets of Mountains, a set of Chinese style dragons, several catalogs of detailed aircraft, several refined and a few humorous skirmish type symbols, and even a collection of Tile Patterns for fills. These along with others were compared side by side on only one criteria, the WOW Factor. The winner and labeled the first Symbol SavantTM for 2002 was the creator of a Cartouche of a cloth draped sword, Allyn Bowker aka: Lou. (The GIF Image does not do it justice!)
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The Third Symbol ChallengeTM, SC³, consisted of fewer Symbols but the variety improved. The winner of Symbol SavantTM for 2003 title went to William Craig for his set of Sea Shells and Corals. It must be said that this years Challenge was smaller, but picking a winner was made difficult by the number of outstanding Symbols contributed. Below are just two of the Sea Shell Collection that William Craig contributed.
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The SC4: Symbol ChallengeTM in 4D had two parts, the Symbol Challenge and the Iron Symbol Creator Challenge. Many outstanding Symbols were produced but few first time Symbol Creators contributed. This also was the closest Symbol SavantTM contest. Several Symbols WOWed me, but in the end these butterflies and wings took top honors making their creator, John Simpson the Symbol SavantTM for 2004.
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The SC5: Symbol ChallengeTM in the 5th Dimension had the fewest contributors, due mostly to the time of year, since it ran between the US Thanksgiving Holiday and Winter Holidays in the northern Hemisphere. This was also the first time the Community voted for Symbol Savant and the decision was close, once again showing the skill and quality from the creators of the community. In the end one group stood out and Larry Fries  was crowned the Symbol SavantTM for 2005. I will add that in years past, Larry and a couple others, known for their accurate reproduction of historic and modern vehicles, have always been in contention. I am glad that the community saw the skill and effort that went into these Symbols.
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2005 also saw the first Sage Symbol Savant TM. One person has contributed every year and refused to participate in any of the judging or prizes. Linda Kekumu is known by most users of CC2 if they have stopped by the CC2 List at anytime. Each month I am reminded of her service to the community when I read the Posting Guidelines that start Aloha! This year, I have decided to award a special Symbol SavantTM to Linda, the first Sage Symbol SavantTM to recognize her skill and years of contribution to the Symbols for CC2. You can read an Interview with Linda here. If you need to see any of Linda's Creations, just check out any of the Hand Drawn sets from SS1 or the Skirmish from SS2 to name a few.

This Catalog can be downloaded here.

The Symbols from all the Challenges.

SC1 (1MB)

SC2 (2MB)

SC3 (6MB)


SC5 (x MB) Coming Soon! This includes Linda's Railroad Track Symbols.

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